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Preserving the care of handmade methods, these Rosemary natural handmade soaps are produced from the finest virgin olive oil, serpentina goat's milk, beeswax and biological essential oils, privileging the use of indigenous raw materials, in order to contribute to the recovery natural resources and local economies.

At the origin of this creation is our vision to offer a 100% Portuguese product of high quality.

Inspired by the canning industry and the tiles of Portugal, the product is in a vintage packaging but at the same time modern.

Ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Serpentine Goat's Milk, Beeswax, Bio-essential oil of beautiful thyme-light and beautiful-light thyme leaves.

Indications: Skin Cleansing
Properties: Emollient, skin conditioning and stimulant.

Packing: 98 ml / 85 g