Does Portugal make people more relaxed? They say yes. Find out why!

According to The Culture Trip website, it does not take long until the lifestyle in Portugal influences tourists. The site gives 15 reasons why Portugal makes people more relaxed.

According to the article, despite many benchmarks, it is easy to move more slowly and take advantage of each new experience at a deeper level. Portuguese culture, though rich, is also one that appreciates a simpler side of life, and newcomers are quick to follow suit.

Whether it be for long meals, for the freedom to drink in the middle of the afternoon or for safety, Portugal seems to have the gift of letting strangers relax and relax.

Walk through the gallery and discover the 15 reasons why Portugal leaves tourists relaxed.

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Safe country

1. It is a safe country, especially for single and family travelers.
It was considered in 2017, the third safest country in the world!


2. There is plenty to see, especially outside the major tourist centers.
Although Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve are absolutely fantastic destinations, Portugal has so much more to discover and to know ...


Perfect climate

3. An almost perfect climate ...
The temperate climate of Portugal is another important reason to visit us and the weather patterns remain quite moderate and stable.


Alentejo rural roads

4. Alentejo remains one of the best-kept secrets in the country, and the rural roads offer miles of fields, cork oaks, vineyards and cozy villages.


Trekking paradise

5. There is no shortage of hiking routes.
From the mountains of Madeira Island to the Serra da Estrela and the Peneda-Gerês Park, there are endless possibilities in this small but fantastic country ...


Wellness Retreats

6. Wellness Retreats
Portugal is growing as a wellness destination with yoga, spa and other retreats across the country.


Day drinks

7. Day drink
Small bars, taverns, restaurants, and kiosks of the cities are full of people who enjoy a good glass of wine or a beer during the day ...


The perfect food

8. The epitome of comfort food
Few things are as comforting as a hot and tasty dish and the Portuguese kitchen knows how to do it like no other.
Be it a green soup in Lisbon, a Francesinha in Porto or an Açorda in the Alentejo, the Portuguese gastronomy does not disappoint!


Easy traffic

9. It's easy to beat the traffic.
Roads are quite empty and traffic also flows smoothly on rural roads.


Quality life time

10. The Portuguese also allow time for weekends, vacations and holidays.


Economic life

11. Portugal is an economic destination.
Meals are fully accessible: breakfast between € 3 and € 5, lunch between € 7 and € 10 and dinner between € 15 and € 20.


Amazing meals

12. Meals are appreciated even in the middle of the working day.
A Portuguese meal usually lasts for at least an hour. A dinner with friends is usually longer and can last between 2 to 3 hours!


Secret spots

13. Secret treasures in coastal areas are plentiful!
Throughout the country, there are lovely coastal towns and villages that shelter beautiful beaches


Flexible time

14. Flexible time
Unlike some communities that are rigid in terms of punctuality, the Portuguese assume an almost "laissez-faire" attitude. Calm down, no rush!


Natural hot springs

15. Natural hot springs.
The benefits of hot springs are well known, including stress reduction and pain relief, with a diversified offer in Portugal.