The British newspaper "The Guardian" praises Porto city

Publication acknowledges that the Invicta city is the "second city of Portugal"

According to The Guardian, the city of Porto is a promising city for young people, since it is nowadays a space of several contrasts harmonized by the space in which it has become: a modern space, but still does not forget what the characterizes.

In addition, the publication also highlights, as is customary, the Lello bookstore, if this was not a point of reference for any tourist. "Yes, people pay € 5 and wait half an hour to get into a bookstore," reads the Guardian.

But that's not all. For the Guardian, one of the businesses that reflects Porto's growing confidence is the 'Portuguese Life': stores with national products that live in an old dwelling of the nineteenth century.

The British newspaper also highlights the Vogue Café, which takes place right in the center of the city, as does the Majestic café.

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